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What Types of Hotel Duvet Covers Should You Choose?



To succeed in the hospitality industry, you must offer your patrons top-notch amenities and services that match industry benchmarks. While there are many parameters for you to pay attention to, one of the most important things that you can offer your guests is a good night’s sleep. Nothing helps people rest and feel comfortable the way a great duvet can, which is why you must pick your duvet covers after due consideration. Different duvet covers offer their own benefits, which is why it’s essential to understand what makes each style unique.

Here are a few different duvet cover styles that you should check out before picking one:

Bag Style Duvet Covers

Bag style duvet covers are one of the most commonly used duvet styles. This is predominantly because they are easy to maintain, and also easy to slip on and off the duvet As a result, your housekeeping staff can get rooms ready for guests rather quickly. If you’re planning to get bag style duvet covers for your hotel, then you should prioritise400 tc cotton duvet covers. 400 TC covers are very soft, and are guaranteed to offer your guests the most comfortable experience.

As the bag style covers have an open end, you can expect a section of the duvet to remain exposed. This, however, can be tucked in a way to prevent it from looking unsightly.

Envelope style duvet covers

If you are looking for a duvet cover that’s a bit more secure than the bag styles, then you should pick envelop style duvet covers. While these are slightly shorter than the bag style covers, they also have a flap that secures the quilt within the cover, making the overall experience for the guest a more convenient. The pay off is that your housekeeping staff may have to spend a few extra minutes replacing the cover, but frankly, it is worth the effort.

As in the case of bag style covers, you should prioritise400 tc cotton duvet covers simply because of how soft they are.

Popper Style Duvet Covers

Are you looking for duvet covers that prevent the quilt from moving around at night? If so, you should pick popper style covers. These covers are secured with the help of buttons or poppers, which enables them to keep the quilt in place even if the guest tosses and turns throughout the night.

Do keep in mind that you must take certain precautions while cleaning the covers so that you do not damage the buttons. These precautions typically depend on the cover you’re using – some may have removable buttons that you must take out before putting the cover in the washing machine, while others may require hand washing or slower washing speeds. Do read the product label to determine the same.

Single embroidered duvet covers

Single embroidered duvet covers are, as the name suggests, sewn around 20-cms from the seam to create a shoulder that helps slide the quilt in and out. Such duvet covers also have buttons or poppers at the opening to keep the quilt in place once you’ve inserted it. While it does take a longer time to insert or take out the quilts when using such covers, they are worth the effort because they help create a cozier vibe in the room. As a result, they are ideal for small bed-and-breakfasts, AirBnBs, and motels that offer a personal touch. In order to create a sense of branding in the room, you can choose covers that have embroidered designs that match your overall décor. Do keep in mind that such covers can be cleaned with the help of a washing machine.

No matter what type of duvet cover you want to get for your hotel, it is essential to work with a reliable brand that offers a vast range of products. This way, you get to explore all your options and then pick the ones that suit your needs the most.

Pushplinens is the leading provider of well-crafted and beautiful duvet covers, with a product catalog that addresses the needs of both smaller hotels and larger hotel chains. Check out our website to know what we have waiting for you!

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