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When Should You Consider Pipe Relining?


Clogged or burst sewer lines are probably the last concern anyone would want to have in their plumbing system. Your daily task gets hampered because of such a problem and it can affect any bathroom renovation Canberra project when certain pipes are connected to the building or home. Only professional plumbers can address these types of issues.

When a sewer line bursts or becomes clogged, one of the viable solutions is to have the broken pipe replaced. However, pipe replacements tend to be on the pricey side. Also, you have to contend with the fact that such a process takes time and, on the plumber’s side, effort. 

Fortunately, there’s pipe relining. Homeowners in Canberra may turn to this option, especially those who are looking for a better alternative for sewer pipe replacement. With that said, take note of the following factors which may give you an idea on when should you consider pipe relining:

Pipe Breakage

When waste materials accumulate inside pipelines, there’s also a buildup of pressure. This unwanted increase of grease and scum in the sewer line may compromise its structural integrity and cause it to burst. Pipe relining is seen as an ideal solution for burst water supply lines as well.

Root Incursion

If you have a tree or a garden in your yard that’s close to where the main sewer line is, there’s a high possibility that your sewage pipe could get infested with tree roots. Tree roots could crawl and grow into the cracks in the pipe for nourishment. Often, homeowners end up with a clogged sewer, which causes wastewater to back up in plumbing fixtures. 

Pipe Deterioration

Sewer pipes do not last forever. They have a specific lifecycle. Depending on the type of material, some pipes last from 50 to 60 years, while others may last a bit longer. Nevertheless, considering the other factors that lead to corrosion and constant wear and tear, there’s no telling when a pipe is going to give.

You can contact a professional to have your pipes inspected should you wish to make sure that your sewer line is still in good condition. Otherwise, you may have to consider pipe relining, especially if you are for a less pricey and speedy alternative.

What is Pipe Relining?

In the old days, in the case of broken supply or sewer lines, pipe replacement is the only option available. However, some people see this as a strenuous task because it involves the use of heavy machinery for trenching. Also, because of the materials used for such a project, replacing a pipe is downright costly.

On the other hand, instead of digging a trench for a new pipe, pipe relining uses a durable tube which is inserted through the broken pipe. A coat of epoxy resin is applied throughout the exterior of the tube, which allows the pliable tubing to stick into the pipe once it has been inflated. This method is perceived to be as effective for both residential and building plumbing lines in Canberra. 

Advantages of Pipe Relining

Cost-effectiveness is one of the factors why people choose pipe relining. Also, this plumbing technique saves time and effort, especially when it comes to recurrent repairs. Also, there is less inconvenience because of the minimal work required in completing the task.

Moreover, given the materials used, this option is less invasive, which means it employs a much safer approach in repairing broken pipelines for that matter. Pipe relining can lengthen the life cycle of your sewer lines from 30 to 50 years more. Also, if you are opting for an ideal preventive measure that’s fast and budget-friendly, this method may be the perfect choice for you.

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