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6 Quick and Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas


It is the place where you relax after a long tiring day. It is the place where you spend quality time with your beloved one. In short, it is your sanctuary. Yeah, we are talking about your bedroom.

Therefore, you like to give it a makeover that can unleash your tastes as well as ensure comfort. However, when you are looking for ways to accentuate your bedroom easily and cheaply, you might feel at a loss where to start.

Fret not! Here we have rounded up some cheap bedroom decorating ideas that don’t require you to break your bank.

Treating Your Bedroom Furniture:

Bedroom furniture is expensive, requiring you to fork out a lot of money from your savings. Luckily, there are many ways you can avoid this huge expenditure. You can get the furniture repaired or painted so that it can look new. For example, an outdated upholstered bed frame can be reupholstered.

Arranging Bedroom Furniture:

Even a simple tweak to the placement of your bedroom furniture can give a whole new makeover to your bedroom. They should be placed strategically so that you have ample space without compromising with style and design.

You can start with the bed that is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom. The bed can be placed in a way so the foot is closer to the doorway than the head of the bed. In large bedrooms, the bed can be placed in the corner for a dramatic and romantic look. In case of having small to medium bedrooms, place it against the wall opposite the door, with the headboard contacting the wall. However, this position of the bed shouldn’t hamper your movement around the bed.

A piece of furniture like a long dresser, vanity, or even a chaise lounge can be placed around the bed. In a smaller bedroom, prefer saving open space and leave the wall opposite the bed free of any piece of furniture.

Place the nightstands on either side of the bed.

Tall dresser can be placed in a corner while a low dresser looks fine under a window. In a small bedroom, the dresser can be put in the closet.

Choosing the Bedding:

The bed is the focal point in the bedroom, requiring you to choose the right bedding. Maybe you look to bring in whites or bold patterns. No matter what your style is, make sure the bedding goes well with the tone of the room. To create a calming space, go for shades of blue, green, and lavender. To create a vibrant space, choose yellows, metallics, and reds. Make sure to invest in high-quality beddings as you spend most of your “at-home” time in the bedroom.


Painting can transform the look and feel of any room. It is an expensive way to boost your bedroom’s style, that’s too on a budget. Each color is associated with a particular feeling. Or you can say that each one has a psychological impact. For example, coral is energizing, while new blue and mist are serene. Many homeowners choose relaxing shades or a soothing palette of monochromatic colors.

These tips will help you achieve the best look for your bedroom:

Lighter colors make space seem bigger, while darker colors are great if you are looking to create a more intimate and smaller space.

Bold colors like coral or green are great for kids’ bedrooms.

Deep red adds warmth and calmness for a master bedroom or guest bedroom.

Choose lavender, pale blue, soft grey, soft green, and deep blue for seriously soothing bedroom.

Keep the ceiling lighter than the walls.

Taking Care of Storage:

When accentuating small bedrooms, every square inch can be potential storage.

Here is how you can create ample storage in your small bedrooms.

A storage ottoman can be placed under the window to hold extra bedding.

A chest can be used as a bedside table to create drawer space.

Hanging a bookshelf is also a practice way to create more space.

Choosing the Right Lighting:

Lighting is a great way to enhance your home decor. Luckily, there are many options to choose from for your bedroom lighting.

Here are some lighting tips for your bedroom:

Install fairy or string lights on the wall as they give a “fairytale” touch.

Pendant lights add a luxurious touch to your bedroom.

Task lightings like sconces, table lamps, and wall-mounted bulbs on both sides of a headboard come handy in reading, working, or other tasks.

Accent lighting or wall sconces enhance the glow and coziness of the bedroom.

So these are some simple tips to decorate your bedroom on a budget. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

Author Bio:
Naresh Prashar is marketing manager of E-Living Furniture, a leading online portal for affordable and elegant furniture for all types. Now a busy businessman, he loves to travel around the world and write on related topics whenever finds some time from his busy schedule.


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