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A Design Flexibility of Micro Channel Coil


The advantages of microchannel technology, which features an innovative and compact corrugated plate structure, allow Kaltra micro channel coil to combine improved heat transfer with a low carbon footprint. Durable and economical, the coil is designed to operate efficiently over a long period of time and minimize maintenance costs. These products also differ in a variety of applications.

An example of design flexibility with an unprecedented variety of solutions and configurations is available in Kaltra microchannel coils. Specially designed for applications where high SHR temperature control is required in high-density buildings. The units include a heat pump and free cooling, and these functions, combined with high-quality components and controls, ensure high efficiency.

  • Brazed plate heat exchanger.
  • The evaporator in cooling mode and condenser in heat pump mode.
  • Plate profile optimized for heat transfer efficiency.
  • Armaflex thermal insulation 19 mm thick.
  • Aluminum microchannel coil on liquid coolers.
  • Copper tube heat exchanger with aluminum fins on heat pumps.
  • The evaporator in cooling mode and condenser in heat pump mode.
  • Axial fans with optimized profile composite blades, fixed speed (standard), or variable speed (optional).

Microchannel coils are a highly efficient and compact technical solution that provides reliable precision cooling throughout the year. They are suitable for use in precision air conditioners that are designed for trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance. The robustness and compactness of the microchannel coil can be especially useful in lubricating oil cooling systems where space is limited and access is difficult for full maintenance. For example, for marine engines, the small size of the microchannel coil allows them to be mounted on top of the engine.

Take advantage of Kaltra microchannel coil to preheat diesel fuel. Thanks to this, you can reduce the level of environmental pollution, as well as reduce fuel consumption, especially when starting the engine from a cold state. 

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