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An Overview of 7-Day Candles


Candle rituals with 7-day candles happens to be one of the simplest things to learn for beginners. When used correctly, burning a 7 day candle is a safe and effective technique to get the desired outcomes. It blends your intention with action to give your magic, ritual, or prayer momentum.

What Exactly Is A 7-Day Candle?

7 days candles is a candle housed within a jar that is supposed to be burnt for 7 days. Typically, they are composed of beeswax, however soy and paraffin wax candles are also available. The objective of putting them in a jar is to keep the melting wax contained and to allow the candle to burn for several days. They are frequently employed as stand-alone tools for a single ritual, but they can also be utilised in conjunction with other tools. The candles are available in a range of colours and are intended to be used for certain objectives such as love, protection, riches, health, astral travel, energy release, and more. They are frequently combined with oils, herbs, and stones. Some people even carve their intentions onto the candle before lighting it.

Although they are typically supposed to be burned to completion over a 7-day period, there are safety concerns. Many individuals are concerned that if they leave the candle burning while they are not around, it would burn down their house. This is a legitimate concern that you should avoid. To allow your energy to be channelled toward a successful completion, your mind must be focused on your objective. Your concerns will deflect from this. There are certain methods that will increase the safety of continually burning the candle for several days, sometimes unattended.

You can also burn it for a longer or shorter period of time. The candle does not have to be burned continuously. You can extinguish the candle and relight it at a more convenient moment until it has burned completely. This is a more safer method.

Candle Colors, Intentions, and Meanings

You should choose a candle colour that corresponds to your intention. The candle colours all have different meanings, so pick the one that best fits what you’re looking for.

Among these are the following:

  • Green: You can light this candle to attract money.
  • Pink: Burn this candle to attract passionate love or to strengthen current love.
  • Red: Infuse some zeal into a single area of your life.
  • White: Light this candle if you need protection, want to cleanse something in your life, or want positive energy while praying.
  • Orange: This colour can empower you with the ability to impact a specific aspect of your life.
  • Purple is a nice hue to use when meditating or seeking enlightenment.
  • Blue: This colour might help you find serenity and quiet in certain regions or situations in your life.
  • Yellow: Light this candle to help with studies, knowledge seeking, or issue solving.
  • Gold: The hue of the precious metal, gold is associated with money, financial prosperity, and good fortune.

Not all multi-colored candles come in seven different colours. Some candles may just have two layers, such as a money candle with a gold and a green layer. Each hue indicates a different type of money.

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