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Confused with HDB Interior Design? Here are 3 Important Tips to Get you Started


The popularity of the HDB homes is increasing fast and out of all flats sold in the year 2018, almost 75% of them happen to be HDB homes. Choosing the right professional designer for your home cannot be understated. There many designers and interior design companies on the market and you will have to choose the best one from the lot for the perfect HDB interior design.

Think About What Design Style you Want

There are different kinds of style one can opt for when it comes to these interior designs. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, including but not limited to Scandinavian, minimalism, contemporary and modern – all of which have their own distinct pros and cons. These all have different costs and challenges to implement, so speak with a designer today to find out more!

You might have existing ideas or plans for your interior, and this is where creativity can be put to good use. However, you need to share such plans to the designer and find out if he is able to accommodate your plans in his work. Finding a designer on your wavelength is a good start to a successful renovation!

Renovating to Maximize the Space in Your Home 

The whole process of planning the interior designs is challenging since the space for HDBs is getting smaller and smaller. Making the best out of that space is something that interior designers excel at. They can make the proper match between functionality and aesthetic designs. The team of professionals is there in the interior designing companies who are experienced and able enough in addressing these challenges and meet your expectations. They are always in the search making something unique that would suit your tastes.

It is the main aim of the designer to make sure that the maximum amount of space should be created from the fixed amount of square feet in your home. For this, the interior designers can help with planning out your space usage and putting walls in the rooms. At the same time, their input is invaluable for lighting and the appropriate carpentry to use.

The HDB Interior Design Process

To start the interior designing of your house, the first thing on your agenda is the hiring process. Find and meet the interior designer and talk about the kind of space he will have to work with. The best thing is to share the floor plan with the designer. At the same time, sharing your opinions on style will help you both reach a compromise on how your interior design can be carried out.

Then you will have another meeting with the designer where the designer will present a draft of planned works. Once the contract is signed, orders will be placed for furniture and a 3D rendering will be done, following which the actual work will start.Planning is important to help your renovation get off to a flying start.


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