How To Fix The Sink For The Cabinet?



Any kitchen provides the installation of a sink, and for that, you only need a cupboard. After all, they hide not only communications but also a trash can and so on. To assemble such a construction through the company near me, it is unnecessary to call a specialist; it is enough to know some rules.

Sink Installation

The sink can be made from a variety of materials. The only thing to consider when installing is the severity of the wash. If the sink is made of porcelain stoneware or similar material, the bedside table must be strong enough to support this weight. But whichever design is chosen, it is necessary to fix the collector in the cabinet per general rules. First of all, prepare the necessary tools:

  • Table wash installation step scheme
  • pencil and ruler;
  • metal corners;
  • drill;
  • punch or puzzles;
  • seal and wooden block;
  • screwdriver and spanner;
  • fasteners.

The easiest way to install is the invoice, which involves inserting the shell between the side sections of the bollard. But it’s pretty easy, so you should pay special attention to a more reliable mortise method.

Method Of Mortise

Before starting to repair the collector, you must create the appropriate model. However, many modern models are connected. In case of absence, use the collector itself, drawing it on the card. On the bedside table, you need to cut a hole that matches the washing parameters. To do this, you need to place the template in the desired location and secure it with tape. After that, you need to circle the table with a pencil. Then a 1.5 cm offset is made to the side, and a sketch is drawn for the work.

The hole is cut with a chain saw. But first, you need to drill a small hole for the puzzle. The drill can be taken in 10 mm.

Before working with a puzzle, it is necessary to glue tape along the outline; this will prevent the rest of the bollard from breaking off.

When the hole is completely cut, it is cleaned of sawdust and debris, after which it is scraped off using fine emery paper. Cut edges are necessarily processed with silicone sealant. This will protect against moisture, therefore, against swelling and mildew. After complete drying, you can pre-try washing. At the same time, check the installation of plumbing equipment for a reliable service. If everything is perfect, you can proceed to the next step. Fixing starts with installing double-sided adhesive tape on the sawed edge (this tape is included in the sink package). Now you can insert the sink into the hole and make fasteners, i.e., pull the diagonal corners first and then the middle. The extra tape should be cut with a stationery knife.

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