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Creative Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen Remodel


Storage is a primary concern when planning a kitchen remodeling project. However, most homeowners face the challenge of finding space for storage. It requires a bit of creativity, which we can help you with.

What are some creative ideas to maximize storage in your kitchen?

Built-in cabinets 

You can easily maximize storage using built-in cabinets because of their sizes. They also come in various styles like oak shaker kitchen cabinets that will fit your aesthetic needs as well.

Moveable kitchen island 

You should have a moveable kitchen island if you are looking for ways to manipulate the space that you have in your kitchen space. This idea will help you to utilize the space that you have effectively. You can add more storage and counter space when you don’t have a stagnant kitchen island.

Wall-mounted shelving 

One of the top reasons why wall-mounted shelving helps you to get more space is that they don’t take up extra space. You can raise them high and add more space. You will have to work with an interior designer to help you with some ideas that can fit your kitchen style. You also have the option of installing oak shaker kitchen cabinets alongside the wall-mounted shelves. Shaker cabinets are minimalistic and won’t take up much space.

Corner shelves 

Make use of the unused corner space to maximize storage. You can add well-fitted corner shelves that create extra storage space without using much of the kitchen space. This is a creative tip because it works with a previously unused kitchen area.

Pull-out drawers 

You can store small items like spices and utensils in pull-out drawers. They offer extra space and easy accessibility. The beauty is that you can even add them to oak shaker kitchen cabinets. They work with all kinds of cabinets.

Magnetic knife rack 

You can also have a safe storage space for your Kitchen essentials knives. It maximizes storage by allowing you to use the extra space outside your cabinets.

Create an outdoor kitchen 

It is also possible to create an outdoor kitchen space to supplement your indoor kitchen. You can work with an interior designer to design a way of creating an outside kitchen on your balcony or backyard. It is also possible to make it beautiful by installing oak shaker kitchen cabinets that will enhance the appearance and add more storage.

Final say

Oak shaker kitchen cabinets offer a great way to start your quest to maximize storage in your kitchen.

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