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Don’t Stop At Cleaning, Care For Your Parquet Flooring To Prolong Its Longevity



Parquet wood flooring is a covering for your wooden floor and hence it demands better care than vinyl or design flooring. Luckily, you can easily take care of parquet flooring (พื้น ปาเก้, which is the term in Thai) rightfully using the top cleaning and caring tips. Parquet flooring is constructed using the natural wood material. To make sure your parquet flooring stands the test of time, you must exercise regular cleaning. If it isn’t too dirty, you should be able to keep the flooring clean by just using simple water.

Parquet Flooring: Maintaining It The Right Way

Cleaning parquet flooring isn’t always sufficient to keep it clean and new. A little caring also goes a long way in maintaining its look. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen a parquet with an oiled surface or lacquered finish. They both require equal upkeep and maintenance. While oil parquet flooring demands re-oiling at routine intervals, lacquered parquet demands to be taken care of by exclusive care products to keep looking their best.

Post Installation Cleaning Of Parquet Flooring

Once you have installed parquet flooring, you must ensure it is cleaned regularly and with proper care before starting to use them. When you start cleaning them, you can eliminate the dirt, dust, and debris that is resulted from installation. This way you can prepare the floor for future use. Use wood care products and dilute them with water for perfect cleaning. Make sure you are using a lint-free cloth to wipe the floors. Use a specific care oil for surfaces that are naturally oiled.

Routine Cleaning

Prefer using a vacuum cleaner or a sweeper brush for a regular cleaning project of parquet wood flooring (พื้น ไม้ ปาเก้, term in Thai) and to bid adieu to the regular build-up. But when you have to clean a heavy-soiled flooring surface go for floor cleaner and dilute the same with water. Damp the floor before wiping them with the help of a lint-free cloth. Ensure the soap this lint-free cloth in the diluted solution. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions as they can damage the wood surface.

Caring For Parquet Flooring Through Refreshing And Re-Oiling

Refreshing your naturally-oiling parquet flooring is recommended if you wish to make it look fresh and new for a longer duration. If you observe the only normal level of dirt then it is better to clean it as early as you can using wood care products.

Nobody would wish their parquet flooring to get damaged. Nevertheless, it can happen anytime. Even small scratches from chair legs or shoes can lead to mild scratches on the floor. To keep it scratch and dirt-free, always consider re-oiling and regular upkeep of the flooring.

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