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Looks for the Best Meduse lamp Décor


Using a pendant lamp is an inexpensive solution to light and decorate your home. They cost less than other types of lamps, such as ceiling lights and lamps, and give that final touch that “ties” your decor. But how do you know what the ideal size of the piece is or how high the pendant should be hung? Don’t worry about a decoration addict. We tell you everything in this comprehensive guide.

How to choose and use pendant lamp: Complete guide

Can I use pendants in any environment?

Yes. Because of the infinite variety of domes, pendants are an easy and inexpensive way to include dots of color or texture in any room in your home. With a low meduse lamp priceyou can also find the best ways to make the décor work perfect.

But before deciding which model is right for each environment, you need to answer this question:

What is the purpose of lighting in this environment?

If the goal is general lighting

  • It is best to opt for a pendant with a translucent dome that emits diffused light.
  • The fabric domes leave the light soft and cozy, perfect for welcoming friends into the living room or for dinner.
  • Diffused light pendants are also a great option in the bedrooms, hanging by the bed, creating a nice little climate for dating or just relaxing.

If the goal is task lighting

If you need to light a space for a specific activity such as reading, preparing food or even eating, choose a glass or acrylic dome pendant.

The light emitted by this type of pendant is more blunt and bright, perfect for the head of your bed if you like to read before bed or for the kitchen countertop.

If the goal is accent lighting

To highlight small areas or objects you will need a pendant of focused light. The focused light is generated when the dome of the pendant is completely closed on top and made of a material that does not allow the passage of light, such as metal. Thus, all the light emitted by the lamp is focused downwards.

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