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Historical Sites to See in Ottawa


Ottawa has obvious importance to everyone in Canada.  It’s the capital city of the country while also standing as one of the oldest cities.  This is where the most extensive political decisions are made and where history has continued to unfold for the last hundred and fifty years.  If you’re making a trip to Ottawa and don’t want to miss out on everything it can teach you, here’s how to get to know the city.

Parliament Hill

Offering occasional tours to the public when Parliament isn’t in session, Parliament Hill is a must-visit for anyone wanting a historical time in Ottawa.  You can feel the history, the depth of the decisions that have to be made, and the incredible faith people have to have in their government in every step.  Although some may be nervous about getting too close to a building with that much history inside its walls, others want to understand it more and end up looking for Ottawa homes for sale the moment they can.  

Rideau Hall

There’s a lot around Ottawa named after the Rideau River.  Rideau Hall offers something that many other locations can’t: a live look at history as it happens.  All tours are free, and you can enjoy taking in the place where so many governors and past wealthy and influential people have lived.  People may not realize who lives there, and people turn out in droves for information about the massive building itself.  This location is also where Canada’s monarch stays if they ever visit, which the Queen of England often does.

Watson’s Mill

This piece of history is still up and running!  An 1860s grist, this mill grinds whole grain wheat into flour, which can then be sold to consumers.  Still running at the top of its game, this mill hasn’t been retired because of its history and how well it still runs after a hundred and fifty years.  You can visit nearly any weekday; it’s encouraged that visitors bring kids so that they can learn how flour for their food is made.

Laurier House

Formerly the home of two prime ministers, this retired building is now a museum and a step into history.  Laurier House is one of Canada’s most beautiful buildings, with carefully thought-out architecture and innovative design choices.  The average tour informs visitors on its past, what each room was for, and the habits of those who have stayed in the home. It’s a fun and exciting stop for anyone who wants to learn more about Canada’s past.

Canadian Space Services

Although any tourists from outside of the country may not be aware, Canada is extremely active when it comes to space.  Although the interior of Canadian Space Services is only open to the public for one day a year, this one day is often overlooked and under-visited.  The Canadian Space Services campus has something for everyone, from history to visions of a hopeful future.  You can learn about past satellite work, the growth in scientific knowledge, and where scientists hope to take us.  It’s inspiring and gives people a chance to think about how they’re contributing to the future.

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