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Glendale HOS management has managed this HOA for nearly 5 years now. In that time, their property manager, Brian has been instrumental in association growing into a very healthy and responsive HOA. When we, on the board, have had a different view or approach to a problem with the HOA, Brian has helped us reach a positive outcome. Glendale HOA management service is a very responsive not only to all members but all the homeowners of our association and Brian takes great pain to respond quickly and definitely any issues or queries. While my family and I have no plans to move, my experience with Glendale HOA management and Brian has really impressed upon me the importance of a great HOA management team behind any HOA.

Before they started managing, there were so many problems going on which caused a lot of problems between board members. Once Glendale property management took over, it felt like a huge load was taken off of our shoulders. Leon is a property manager who extremely professional and has always been very responsive to emails and calls. He always goes out of his way to communicate about things going on and he is extremely patient to listen to everything we have to say. He is also just a nice person, which seems to be rare in these types of business relationships these days. 

They were very happy with Glendale HOA management and the improvements in our neighbourhood that have resulted from their hard work. The only reason in getting 3 stars is because they just recently started working with them and need to give it more time before endorsing them as a 5 star service. It has exhibited a high level of professionalism of our prior management company.  

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