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How Does A Pool Skimmer Work


It doesn’t matter what type of pool you are using whether it is inside ground pools or the above ground pools, a well-performing pool cleaner is a must for you. Without a pool skimmer, you won’t be able to do clean the specks of dust and the derbies from your pool water. That’s why it is considered one of the most important elements of a pool. Depending on the size and the coverall area of your pool, you have to set one or more pool skimmers into your pool installation.

A pool cleaner is usually set for drawing the surface water into the skimmer or the pool filtration line and then sucks all the derbies and makes the water neat and clean. A pool skimmer is usually placed at the upper top side of the pool and this takes all the derbies(sunscreen, hair, leaves, etc) from the pool before they sink to the bottom of the pool water. Without a functional pool skimmer, your pool pump will face some problems and goes with issues. So, adding a pool skimmer before getting damaged is a wise choice. 

How Does A Pool Skimmer Work

The Lid: The lid is one visible part of a pool skimmer that is used to suck the larger derbies and keep them free from the circulation of the pool to reduce the pressure from the pool filtration pump. 

The Mouth: This is a part of the interior side of the4 pool skimmer. It is like an opening part of the interior build. By the mouth, the water and the derbies go into the skimmer for being cleaned.

The weir: The weir is the moving strip that is located inside the skimmer mouth and will swivel with the flow of the water stream. Blocking the trash from fleeing back into the pool water is the principal purpose of the weir.

The Skimmer Basket: The strainer or the skimmer basket is the part that uses to collect the bags of dust and derbies before it enters into the main pump. This is one of the most fundamental elements of the skimmer since, without the bin, debris will jam and corrupt your filtration regularity.

The suction line: The suction channel is attached to the skimmer container and it is the part that pushes the strength of the skimmer.

The equalizer line: The equalizer channel restricts the skimmer from absorbing in the air on the occasion when the water level will drop below the main channel. 

Ways Of Functionating A Pool Skimmer

Summer waves pool is one of the most famous above-ground pools for considering at a tight budget. Check out Summer Waves Pool reviews for more information. Here we will demonstrate how does a pool skimmer work. A pool skimmer works in the following ways-

  • When a pool pump is turned on, the pool skimmer usually draws the specks of dust and derbies through the skimmer towards the pool pump causing a suction.
  • While the pool pump moves, the skimmer operates by straining water and hovering debris from the pool surface through a pivoting cover called a weir.
  • Following, when the debris is passed over the weir, the skimmer basket collects the overall dust and the derbies.
  • As long as the pool filtration pump is turned on with its process, the pool skimmer also uses and cycles the upper process.
  • When the pool cleaner is turned off, the pivoting wing reverts to its main location and there it assists to prevent the debris from entering the pool again and again.
  • At that moment, the skimmer basket carries all the debris from the pool surface and you have to empty it routinely to assure free water movement and maximum filtering strength.
  • On some of the pool designs, a pool skimmer is used as a pool vacuum to clean the pool in overall

Final Words

The pool skimmer works greatly as a very important role in keeping the pool clean and reprotecting all the pieces of equipment. Moreover, a pool skimmer is the best tool for preserving the longevity of your pool cleaner pump. Because, a pool skimmer usually filters all the dust and derbies from the pool water, so that they don’t go for interrupting the work or functions of a pool cleaner pump. 

For keeping the longevity of your pool longer and better, you have to take care of your pool skimmer as well. Because without a better, fast, and effective pool skimmer your pool will be a bin of dust. So, maintaining the health of your pool skimmer is also an important task for overall well balanced swimming in your swimming routine on the pool.

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