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Top 5 Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Illinois



Hinsdale, like most of the other towns on this list, is a suburb of Chicago, located only 20 minutes away from downtown. They are considered not only one of the top 1% of the wealthiest towns in Illinois, but they’re also one of the top 6 wealthiest zip codes in the US. The population is 90% white. Although most people commute to jobs in the Chicago metropolitan area, there are still many quaint small businesses in the town itself. They also have a public pool, several large parks, and fantastic ratings among all areas of quality of life, including housing, night life, and a family friendly atmosphere. It has a median home value of $878,700 for a quick sale.

Lake Forest

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Forest is also considered a part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Although the town started as a college town surrounding the nearby Lake Forest College, it has grown into a small city all its own. The people who live there currently claim to love it, stating that it’s an “elegant small town” and giving it high ratings across the board. The town offers a multitude of cute shops and restaurants, including a popcorn factory, wildlife discovery center, and a sweet shop. The median home value is $851,900.


The town of Wilmette also borders Lake Michigan, and is only 14 miles from Chicago’s downtown area, accessible by car or railway. It features three public beaches on Lake Michigan, as well as the large and family friendly Centennial Park, which houses a swimming pool and even an indoor ice skating facility. In 2020, ranked it as the best place to raise a family in Cook County, which spans a wide area and includes the city of Chicago. The median house price of Wilmette is $680,700.

Burr Ridge

If you’re looking for luxury mansions and quiet, wealthy lifestyles, Burr Ridge is the place to live. They are known for their elegant and massive homes, and wide, tree-filled parks, of which there are ten major ones. If residents ever become bored with this quiet and peaceful life, they can also escape to the downtown Chicago area, which is very nearby and easily accessible by personal or public transportation. The median home value of Burr Ridge is $670,600.

Highland Park

Located only 25 miles from downtown Chicago, Highland Park is a friendly, open, and exciting place to live. The residents are described as being ambitious and smart, looking out for both each other as well as their environment. Downtown Highland Park offers a variety of cute local restaurants, entertainment lawyers and chic shopping establishments. The area is 91% white and is primarily democratic. The city was the setting for several major movies and TV shows, including The Good Wife and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The median home value is $575,800.

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