How to choose the perfect ready to assemble kitchen cabinets?


The ready to assemble cabinets offer house owners an option to save money on kitchen interior. The cabinets come with pre-fabricated materials and finishes that require less manpower to install. The ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets have lot of benefits over traditional cabinetry and one need to keep few things in mind before purchasing an ideal design.

What Are RTA cabinets?

Before you begin the process, you need to understand more about RTA cabinets; all the sections are cut into required size and any finishes that can be updated or upgraded as per your preference. The job of assembling and installing is made easier as it requires minimal time.  You need to buy from a reputable showrooms or firms who can even create a custom layout, as per your kitchen space.

Choose a quality cabinet

The RTA cabinets come with a full spectrum of quality, from top-notch to bad.  Buy a strong cabinet that come with features such as solid wood drawers rather integrated rail drawer guides.  Look for solid wood frame, with panels either of plywood or solid wood. Also, be sure to check the coating or finishes as quality can deteriorate if paints are just sprayed on rather than applied by brush.


You can save money with RTA cabinets when compared with assembled or custom cabinets. The price can also depend on many factors such as degree of completion, complexity, finish, and materials. The low end price options include flat panel doors, particleboard cabinet boxes, while the high end include dovetailed drawers, solid wood doors, hardwood face frames, and veneered plywood boxes.

Focus on your requirement

Before embarking on any judgment to purchase RTA cabinets, it’s important to select the kind of cabinet that suits your exact requirements. Don’t just go for colours or styles, but instead think of its practical usages. From laminated, stainless steel to wood based cabinets, the choices are never ending. Knowing your cabinet dimensions can help you filter out the options. For instance, people with open kitchen can look for a broader than standard cabinet or get it customized as per the requirements.  You can also find eco-friendly kitchen cabinet that can add perfect touch to your ambiance.

Since the options are endless, you need to focus on the space available in the kitchen and your budget, to choose the desired type. Browse through the collection of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets offered by Entrepot Cuisine to get the custom cabinetry and beautiful look to your kitchen.

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