Embrace The Beauty of Maple Kitchen Cabinets


Do you have plans to install maple cabinets in your kitchen but aren’t sure whether they are good for you? Well, this article is a detailed review of the pros and cons of maple kitchen cabinets. 

Therefore, continue reading to find out more about maple cabinets, and hence, discover whether or not they are ideal for your kitchen. 

Are Maple Kitchen Cabinets in Fashion? 

Did you know that natural wood kitchen cabinets are currently the top-trending cabinet designs? Whether yes or no, you must know that it is for this reason that maple kitchen cabinets are currently in fashion. 

Considering that maple cabinets are some of the most prominent varieties of wood cabinets, seeing them trend at a time when natural wood is very popular is not particularly unusual. Now that they are trending, maple cabinets are coming with markedly amazing shapes, colors, and decorative features. 

Here are the latest trending versions of maple kitchen cabinets

#1: Shaker-style Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Modern shaker kitchen cabinets crafted from maple hardwood are the presently, hotcakes in the kitchen interior design industry. These drawers stand out as iconic mostly based on the unique blends of classic and modern fashion trends. While they are simpler in terms of styling and ornamentation, the minimal ornamental attributes these cupboards come with are completely high-end and statement-making. 

Shaker-style cabinets with maple hardwood material components come with varying design features, especially in terms of shape, color, and ornamentation. You can choose to go for varieties with the natural rich reddish-brown hue of maple or painted varieties, depending on your choices. 

#2: Modern Farmhouse-Style Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Among classic-styled cabinetry designs that feature maple hardwood as a material component, farmhouse cabinets are the most well-known cabinet designs. Modern-style farmhouse cabinets crafted from maple are a sight worth seeing. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these statement-making types of cabinets feature high-end features, for example, glass doors and metallic accessories, all of which are catapulting them to the edge of competition in the interior design industry. 

Just like the latest shaker cabinets, recent varieties of farmhouse-style maple kitchen cabinets can match all kitchen interior designs. Moreover, they are easier to work with, versatile, and unquestionably functional. 

Are Maple Kitchen Cabinets Good for My Kitchen?

To know whether or not maple cabinets are ideal for your interior design needs, you must get acquainted with their benefits and disadvantages besides reviewing your interior design needs and the design features of your cookhouse. 

The benefits of maple kitchen cabinets include the following; 

  • Higher Resale Value

Because of the reputable strength of maple hardwood, maple cabinets are highly resistant to ageing. With rough-grained finishes, maple cabinets stand out as anti-scratch and cheaper in terms of maintenance. For these reasons, you can stay with them for many years and still sell them at a higher price. 

  • Versatility

Because they can match all interior designs, maple kitchen cabinets stand out as perfect for you. With them, you can constantly redesign your kitchen to adapt to changing fashion without spending a cent. Since these cupboard designs feature different amazing design options, they can provide you with dozens of design options when you choose them for your kitchen. 

  • Environmental Friendliness 

Maple cabinets are also beneficial in terms of their impact on the environment. As is the case of all-natural wood cabinets, maple cabinets are naturally sourced and recyclable. Because interior designers are recommending the use of eco-friendly materials in kitchen interior design, wood cabinets are being celebrated all over. 

  • The Convenience of Finding Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Considering that they are engineered from the immediate natural environment, all wood cabinets, including maple kitchen cabinets, are convenient in terms of access. Unlike laminate or metallic cabinets, for example, maple cabinets are always available in large numbers on almost all shopping platforms. 

What are the Disadvantages of Maple Kitchen Cabinets?

While they are celebrated all over the world for their unique properties, maple cabinets have their drawbacks. These include the following; 

  • Higher Cost of Purchase

Because of their stronger natural wood material component, maple kitchen cabinets are more often costlier in terms of purchase, especially if you compare them with cabinets with artificial material components. 

The good thing about wood cabinets is that they are durable, hence, cost-effective. Even if you spend all your money on them, you will end up saving more money with them, thanks to the absence of unnecessary repairs, remodels, and refurbishments. 

  • Vulnerability to Water Damage

Apart from the higher cost of buying them, maple kitchen cupboards are disadvantageous in terms of their susceptibility to water damage. If by any chance you frequently wet them, the woody surfaces of maple cupboards can end up rotting. To avoid this, you must always keep their surfaces dry and clean. 

  • Classic Appeal

If you fail to beautify them properly, maple cabinets can easily make your kitchen look dull and old-school courtesy of the deep reddish-brown hue of natural maple. In beautifying maple kitchen cabinets, you can choose to work with colors, mixtures of material textures, or both. The point is that maple cabinets can look perfectly modern only when you incorporate them with striking tones. 

What Can I Go for in Place of Maple Kitchen Cabinets? 

If you think maple cabinet varieties are not good for you based on their disadvantages, you might want to try some of their alternatives. These include the following; 

  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak cabinets are reputable natural wood kitchen cabinets. In their generic oak outlook, these drawers are defined by soft to warm honey-tone shades. Like maple counterparts, oak cabinets are longer-lasting, functional, and are presently trending. 

  • Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike maple kitchen cabinets, cherry cabinets are less susceptible to water damage and are uniquely stronger that almost all natural wood cabinets. Moreover, while their appeal is not as old-looking as that of maple cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets are considerably less expensive to acquire. 

Final Thoughts

Maple kitchen cabinets are some of the best types of wood cabinets you can go for when modeling your cookhouse. They are not only easier to find but also compatible with a wide range of interior décor accessories, including colors and material textures. Moreover, these drawers come with impressive resale values since they are amazingly longer-lasting. 

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