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How to Get an Energy Performance Certificates in Belfast, Northern Ireland


Are you a Northern Ireland household? Do you want need an domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)? In Belfast, Northern Ireland, there are Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) who provide you with energy performance certificates if you are selling or letting your property. There are two parts to this process:

  • Survey of client’s property
  • Data input and lodgement of EPC

The Site Survey

The assessing agency sends its surveyor to the house for which the survey is conducted. The surveyor checks the exterior of the property and takes photographs as proof of outer structure. The assessor ascertains whether the house is:

  • Detached property
  • Semi-detached property 
  • A mid-terrace house
  • Flat

The surveyor will also assess the house’s elevation concerning other properties and take front portion images.

Rear of house

Similarly, the assessor will assess the back side of the house. In case your oil boiler is placed there, the DEA will also record the make and model. The oil tank will also be part of this assessment.


Then the energy assessor will enter the house and will note the heating system and programmer. This assessment may involve recording the type of heating systems and equipment including:

  • The condition and performance of radiators
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Thermostat
  • The gas heating system, if it exists in addition to oil heating products

After taking the reading, the assessor will photograph the boiler and record its brand, model and manufacturing year.

Roof space

In case your house has a roof area, the surveyor will record loft insulation and its depth. The width of the outer wall and the type of wall structure will also be measured and assessed. There may be different types of walls:

  • Brick wall
  • Stone wall
  • Timber frame wall

The assessor will check the cavity wall insulation and internal insulation too.

Moreover, windows glazing and thickness of glazing glass is also a part of the heating system assessment. The DEA surveyor will also note the type of window frames. Is it PVC or timber? The evaluation also involves recording the low energy lights.

Data assessment on computer

After the on-site survey is completed, the second part of the EPC procedure is back in the office. The Domestic Energy Assessor will enter the findings into a computer software. The DEs have special software for putting the data in the software.  

The assessor will issue a certificate after computerized evaluation and assessment. In this way, domestic energy assessors provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) based on actual findings. The EPC shows a list of recommendations for improvement.

Rating scale

The EPC is based on your energy performance on a scale of 1-100. If your rating is lower, then the household energy system’s energy performance is more unsatisfactory than average. Similarly, the higher rating means that the house is more energy efficient. The electronic record retains this information in the EPC Register of Northern Ireland.  Surveyors in Belfast N.Ireland can be found on line in sites like https://www.epc-belfast.net/

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