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Side Effects of Blocked Drains and Why You Should Never Ignore It


In Sydney, clogged drains are pretty common. But since they are widespread, some people tend to ignore them when their sinks or toilets get blocked and wait for the worse to pass. However, this is a habit that people should stop doing. Neglected blocked drains aren’t just frustrating to work with, the problem can also get worse and result in more plumbing issues. By the time it happens, you’ll end up having to spend more than getting a drain unblocking service when the problem was still minor.

What Happens if You Ignore Blocked Drains?

Ignoring blocked drains is never a good idea as it can lead to multiple problems and intense headaches. Here are the side effects of an undetected or neglected blocked drain.


The most common effect of a clogged drain that’s been left for a long time are busted pipes and leaks. Since water cannot flow freely, there is an increase in pressure, which could then cause ruptures and cracks in your plumbing system. Even the smallest of cracks can lead to other problems such as moulds, flooding and damages to your property.

Instead of spending a few hundred dollars in hiring a professional Sydney plumber to help unclog the drain, you’ll end up having to spend thousands replacing pipes and repairing walls or ceilings from water damage. You might have also risked your family’s health because of the moulds.

Health risks

Speaking of risking your health, clogged drains are enough to cause several health issues.

Due to the accumulation of dirty water, pathogens are more likely to reproduce faster, causing an onslaught of diseases from allergies, skin asthma, to lymphatic filariasis, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Clogged drains, especially when carrying wastewater, may also reach underground water sources and pollute it, causing more harm to the community. That’s definitely one thing you’ll want to avoid.

Foul and unpleasant odours

Water won’t be able to flow because of blockages, so it will lead to internal water resurgence. Then, it will lead to foul and unpleasant odours, something you’ll have to live with as long as your pipes are blocked. The smell can then cause massive headaches, nausea and vomiting, and irritability. You’ll start losing your appetite, because really, who can eat when your home is filled with the acrid smell of wastewater?

Generally speaking, your way of life will be negatively affected. Rodents and insects, however, will love that. So be ready to face pest infestations as well.

Structural damage

Water backflow and leaks will reach your home’s foundation, where it will soak in water and it will ultimately weaken the property’s structure. This can be extremely dangerous, especially when the foundations become too weak to support your home. Your property in Sydney will crumble and all you can hope for is you are not at home when that happens.

Even if the damages aren’t as extensive as in worst-case scenarios, you would still end up paying for thousands to have it repaired–and all of that came from a single clogged drain you didn’t bother getting a drain unblocking service.

Who to Call for Help

While you can try and unclog a drain by yourself, it’s best if you look for cheap plumbers in Sydney available 24/7 to do the hard and dirty work. These are emergency plumbers that can provide their assistance anytime you need help. They have all the right equipment, the proper knowledge, as well as the skills to ensure the root of the problem is resolved. They can also check whether there have been damages done to the pipes.

Moreover, these experts can also schedule regular drain cleaning. You can do this once in a while regardless of whether you’ve experienced clogged drains recently or not. You’ll also want to do this after a heavy storm as tree branches, leaves, and other foreign objects might have been washed onto your drain and cause blockages. Plumbers have the tools to get rid of these major blocks.

As much as possible, don’t use harsh chemicals to unclog your drain. There are instant drain cleaners that you can easily grab these days, but these products contain harsh chemicals that may not only harm you but also damage the pipeline itself.

Remember, the best thing you can do is resolve the problem as soon as it arises to prevent it from getting worse.

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