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What comprises the perfect fitted kitchen?


You may desire to have the perfect kitchen that is well-designed and fully functional with all inbuilt amenities and facilities. The kind and size of appliances and furniture to install will entirely depend upon the available space. Fortunately, there are available different sized appliances and furniture to suit all types of kitchens. The Kitchen fitting Chelmsford agency can provide assistance in making the right choice.

Fitted kitchens

They are considered to be kitchens where appliances match with the installed cabinets. They also remain hidden behind doors to enhance visual appearance of the place and make it feel decluttered. You may use real wood of honey color for your fitted kitchen. But it will depend upon what other things are used in the kitchen including lighting type. The Kitchen fitting Chelmsford experts do not suggest extremely dark finish especially for a small dark kitchen. Otherwise, it will appear like a cave as well as not be inspiring or inviting.

Getting ideas

You may go through the web, television programs and magazines to derive some valuable ideas. In case you get stuck with choice, then it will be better to consult the leading Kitchen fitting Chelmsford company. They can provide you with a design that you are sure to love and build service. Your kitchen’s shape and size will actually determine the kind of design to have and how it is to be implemented.

On the other hand, the fitted kitchen ensures availing optimum space, while providing large storage space. In case you plan to refurbish your kitchen fully, then you are sure to get some amazing deals concerning kitchen appliances. You may shop without having to spend a fortune.


The Kitchen fitting Chelmsford specialists can personalize your kitchen to fit everything desired into it. Free standing furniture often takes up valuable space and can cause obstacles especially in a small kitchen. Moreover, freestanding furniture does not allow you to clean the entire kitchen thoroughly, thus resulting in pest and insect infestation.

But fitted furniture does not cause such trouble. Rather, it is easy to maintain and tends to reflect better your personality. You may choose to customize it or invest in standard ones based on how much you can spend.

Moreover, fitted kitchens do have easy care worktops, are durable and if taken proper care of, can last for several years.

By having proper kitchen design, cooking can become a pleasant experience.


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