Tips to Choose Right Vanity Meant for Your Bathroom


You will certainly prefer that all the new vanity items that you choose for your new bathroom should offer you several benefits. You can always have plenty of storage space in your kitchen and that will be very helpful to perform all activities in your kitchen smoothly.

In this article, we shall provide you few important tips so that you can select the right kind of vanity for your Entrepot Cuisine or cooking warehouse.

  1. Think about right proportion and size

To get the right kind of bathroom, it is necessary that all the dimensions of the item should be properly measured as per the available space in the bathroom so that everything looks proportional.

Most vanity cabinets are available in standard size, but you may also find some in between size too to match with the bathroom.

  1. Measuring is the key

After you have selected all your vanity items then it is necessary that you must take proper measurement of your bathroom so that you can decide where you will adjust each and every item in a proper manner. You may also make proper marking of the space by using a tape.

  1. Evaluate all your sink needs

You must consider about things like sink, wall lighting, ceiling lighting while designing all the sink needs of your bathroom.

You must take all the necessary photos of many different kinds of sinks and compare how they will look in your bathroom.

  1. Review the sink numbers that you need

Also, it is very important to think about a number of sinks, as having too many sinks may not always be better. By having two sinks you can ease morning traffic, particularly for large families, and also, they may reduce countertop space too.

  1. Prioritize storage and also easy cleaning

There are two main ways you can mount in any bathroom vanity that is either wall-mounted, freestanding or corner-mounted.

Typically, freestanding vanities can always be the standard selection that provide more storage as compared to their wall-mounted cousins, because the cabinets are much longer and can rest on the floor either directly or raised on legs.

  1. Don’t neglect about the faucet

Last but not the least, it is also essential to keep in mind about faucets that are not always included in any new vanity, and needs little more research and coordination.

In case, you need to buy the sink or vanity separately, then take note about the faucet holes numbers how much apart they should be and how they must be installed.

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